• Commercial Art / Photography

    Commercial Art / Photography

    Darkroom Development & Processing

  • Mobile and Enterprise Java Programming

    Android Mobile Development

  • Army Communications Sergeant

    Multi-channel Transmissions Systems Operator 31R/25Q

    US Army Non-Commissioned Officer

  • Art Digital Media / Web Design

    Art Digital Media / Web Design

    Diablo Valley College

If the inventor of the automobile had asked people what they wanted,
they would have said faster horses.


Computer Programming & Data Analysis

Java, Objective-C, Python, MySQL, PHP


3D Modeling, Manufacturing, & Design

Makerbot, Maya, AutoCAD, OpenSCAD


Location based technologies & Geospatial Analysis

ArcGIS, Tableau, DoD Hardware (DAGR, PLGR, BFT)


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT

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